Access Control

Access Control Service

Do you want to protect your building in a more convenient and efficient manner? Then biometric access control might be exactly what you're looking for.

Biometric access control systems are gaining popularity as a more secure way to safeguard physical places such as offices, government buildings, airports, hospitals, and department stores.

Biometric access control systems have been widely used by a lot of enterprises and organizations to safeguard a broad range of locations, including commercial buildings, airports, banks, schools, and government facilities...

Fingerprint, face recognition

Our biometric access control systems deliver unobtrusive, personalized security for your building, facility, or campus. We use sophisticated biometrics identification scanners and door locks to recognize fingerprints, faces, card and tokens, with biometrics technology, we help you deploy advanced security solutions for access control.

Turnstile Access Control

Turnstile gates are the perfect access control solution for improving the security of your business if you are looking for an access control system, designed to allow only a single person through at a time, also acting as a type of cell to prohibit entry to potentially malicious visitors.

Access gates come in both waist-high and full-height options. While a waist-high access control gate provides alternate routes throughout a facility, full-height gates offer more advanced security technologies like locking mechanisms and structural reinforcements to reduce a worksite’s overall risk.